We are studying the chemistry and microbiology of the Greenland Ice Sheet by collecting ice that forms during the winter. More traditional approaches sample the meltwater that is released during the summer season, but this outflow is a mixture of water from above, within, and below the ice. By focusing on winter ice, we are collecting water that comes from the base of the glacier. This will help us learn about conditions in interior portions of the ice sheet and to understand past conditions when the climate was colder and meltwater input was less that it is now.

Collaborators: Kathy Licht (IUI), Joseph Graly (U Northumbria), Kate Winter (U Northumbria), Becky McCerery (U Northumbria), Trinity Hamilton (U Minnesota), Jeff Havig (U Minnesota), Alicia Rutledge (Northern Arizona University), Moses Jatta (IUI), Kayla Woodie (IUI), Chris Hansen (U Minnesota), Felipe Napoleni (U Northumbria), and Tori Kennedy (National Park Service)

Leverett Glacier, Greenland. Picture by Kathy Licht