Congrats to the MURI Team

Over the past eight weeks MURI interns Amanda Evans, Amandeep Kaur, Omer Sajid, and Shruthi Garugu did research on a freeze core collected from a euxinic lake in Washington. They did an amazing amount of work, combining genetic with geochemical analyses to better characterize ecological changes that have occurred within the lake over the last 1400 years.

Today they presented their findings at the 2017 CRL Student Summer Poster Symposium. They did a fantastic job and my colleague Christine Picard and I are proud of all they accomplished. Thanks also goes to Alice Bosco and Charity Owings for mentoring and helping the students with their work in the lab.

Nice job team!

Return to Mahoney Lake

Our trip was a huge success in the Pacific Northwest, mainly because we had so many fantastic people helping us out.

It was great to see again our Canadian friends Nancy and Stu at the Centennial RV Park in Oliver, British Columbia. We couldn’t have accomplished anything without the amazing support of Wendy Pope from the BC Parks. Thanks ¬†also to Mark Abbott’s coring team Areile, Sofie, Sam, and MG from the University of Pittsburgh for collecting the Mahoney Lake surface cores.

I always love coming up here for research. I’m looking forward to returning again soon.