Midwest Geobiology Symposium at IUPUI

MWGB 2017 was a lot of fun. We had an excellent collection of talks and posters from several schools throughout the Midwest. Generous support from the Agouron Institute, School of Science, and the Department of Earth Sciences made this event possible. Special thanks goes to Lisa Pratt from IU Bloomington for her keynote address about the future of space exploration.


Congrats to the MURI Team

Over the past eight weeks MURI interns Amanda Evans, Amandeep Kaur, Omer Sajid, and Shruthi Garugu did research on a freeze core collected from a euxinic lake in Washington. They did an amazing amount of work, combining genetic with geochemical analyses to better characterize ecological changes that have occurred within the lake over the last 1400 years.

Today they presented their findings at the 2017 CRL Student Summer Poster Symposium. They did a fantastic job and my colleague Christine Picard and I are proud of all they accomplished. Thanks also goes to Alice Bosco and Charity Owings for mentoring and helping the students with their work in the lab.

Nice job team!

Geobiology Society meeting in Banff

The first conference of the Geobiology Society was excellent. We got to hike up to see part of the Burgess Shale at the Mount Stephen Trilobite Beds. The Druschel and Gilhooly research groups gave great presentations. And of course, Banff is amazing.  🙂

AGU 2014

Getting some good sandwiches with James at Giordano Bros (Pittsburgh-style eats). James had a great poster presentation about microbial sulfur cycling in his Pacific Northwest lakes.

James watching his first football game.